Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's up, Doc?

Well, I've been pretty busy actually and unfortunately that has not left me much time for quilting.

Having said that, here is a sneak peak of a little project I've had on the go since before Christmas.

I'm also working on a baby quilt for a friend who has just given birth.  Hopefully she is too busy with the baby to read my blog!

I think it is a little too liberated, even for my liking!  I am planning to cut all of the pink squares back to the same size and just liberate the yellow "twinkles".


Christine said...

I made a queen sized quilt out of that french general fabric- LOVE it!! I think the baby quilt is so fun!! :)

LuAnn said...

What's up Doc is what we should be asking you? LOL Love the fabrics in your project and the baby quilt. Glad you have had some time to do a little stitching. Take care.

Kathleen said...

They're both looking amazing Sarah - can't wait to see your progress :)