Sunday, October 2, 2011


Three of them...

All it was waiting for was binding, so I finally caved and got someone else to do it...

For $5 a metre, I couldn't resist!

Thanks Lynn!!

Finally, at age 17 months, Mary has received her hexagon quilt.

She loves it.

Couldn't have done it without Lynn (binding) and Barb (custom machine quilting).

This last one is a direct copy of Nova's gorgeous quilt as you go number.

I followed her tutorial and I am so happy with the results. :-)

I used Echino fabrics and a green solid.

And did the same wonky - straight line quilting just like Nova did.

And curved corners, which I LOVE!!!!

Purple Echino spots on the back finish off what is a really lovely quilt.

Thanks for the inspiration Nova!


Cathy said...

Wow Sarah, Mary has grown so much, she is gorgeous, love that pink stripe suit!!! Gorgeous finishes, yes sometimes it is great to get some help, esp at such a great price! xo

Jackie said...

Sarah, terrific finishes... all of them!! And Cathy is right, Mary has really grown up! And she is the perfect model for the quilts!

Kathleen said...

Well done Sarah - I love them all! I can't believe the hexagon quilt - so much work involved! It looks fantastic. Looks like Mary is enjoying them all :)

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

She's so BIG already!!! awwwh! I miss that age!! ;-) Your quilts look great sweets!

Nova said...

Yay! I am thrilled the quilt as you go tutorial was helpful for you - yours looks amazing! x

I am in awe of your hexies. Incredible.

& as for little Miss Mary - eek, she is so cute xxx

Melissa said...

They are amazing Sar! Must feel so good to have them finished. Mary is just gorgeous, we must come visit you soon. xxx

Tonya Ricucci said...

congrats! love that liberated log cabin - it just sparkles with those colors.