Saturday, February 26, 2011

Credit Where Credit is Due

I am currently working on a quilt that I'm more excited about than ever before.

The reason:  I feel like I have finally found my unique creative voice.

I was quilting on the machine just now, and I was suddenly struck with how much I love this quilt, how much I love the fabrics, the blocks, the quilting lines... I feel so happy working on it.

These feelings inspired me to write a post about the amazing quilters in blogland who have inspired me to create things I really love.

I will start with the two Victorias, because these girls, more than anyone else, have inspired my creative vision.  So, in no particular order....

1.  Victoria @ Bumble Beans Inc

This feisty chick from New York has got it SERIOUSLY going on!

Her work is a magical frenzy of colour and life and she's a really encouraging, generous soul.  Her creative bravery has fed my own desire to break some of the quilting rules and make liberated quilts with real personality.  Check out her blogs:


2.  Victoria from The Silly Boo Dilly

V2 seems to me to be a more serious, almost spiritual textile artist.  Her work, inspired by all things worn and weathered, is truly intriguing.  It was her hand stitching, the most beautiful I have ever seen, that made me want to do hand stitching.

Check it out at:

And now, on to the Aussie beauties who's work gives me so much joy!

3.  Nova from a cuppa and a catch up...

Nova is a vivacious, incredibly prolific, modern quilter from near where I live in Sunny (rainy!) Queensland.  We met though an online quilting bee and ever since, she has been wow-ing me with her stunning use of colour and her ability to make just about anything with needle and thread.

Take a minute to have a squiz:

4.  Rita from Red Pepper Quilts

I think every Australian Quilter in blogland, plus many more from all over the world, know the work of this very gifted, and also very prolific, quilter from Down Under.

Her simple lines, her unparalleled use of colour, and he willingness to engage with even the most humble of quilters, all make her one very cool lady.  It was her straight line quilting, 1/4 inch away from the seam, that made me want to take my first step away from quilting in the ditch!

I'm sure it's already on your bloglist, but if it isn't, you simply must pop over:

5.  Kate from One Flew Over

A kindered soul... she loves Liberty as much as I do.  I adore pouring over her quilts, as well as her other work, which is subtle and beautiful.  In a word, her work is perfection.

Have a look for yourself:

OK, I know, I'm gushing.  I feel really emotional!

Please also check out the following blogs if you haven't already, because I love these girls' work as well:

Where does your inspiration come from?

Have you found your creative voice yet?

PS Giveaway coming soon!


Melissa said...

Aah, that was fun, spending some late night time discovering some new blogs - thanks for the inspiration! I am forever inspired by YOU! It's thanks to you I am on this quilty journey. :-) And BTW I was so inspired by your beautiful header photograph that I am going to start hand quilting my next quilt this weekend! Will be in touch for hints!

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

WAAAHOOO! HEllO my dear Sara! You are so sweet, my teeth hurt! I'm happy to hear you found your path... The thing I love best about blogs is meeting people and knowing that we're all hear to support each others journey. Now, if you all could just move to NYC,it would be even better!

Hugs to you and the wee babe, M....
Your stuff has been fabulous from the get go! fun to watch it grow!

Kathie said...

what a beautiful post. Its so nice you found your passion and are inspired by other bloggers.
I know the feeling!

One Flew Over said...

So lovely Sarah! Such kind and very generous things to say.

Very much looking forward to seeing more of your quilts xx

Victoria said...

Sarah, what a sweet and wonderful soul you are! I am truly happy to hear that you feel you have found your own creative voice, (because that is just the best feeling!!) and touched in knowing that I may have had some small part in your journey. What a lovely honor. Thank you.

You have loads of talent, and I look forward to seeing what comes next! xo

Stephanie said...

I admire both Victoria's creative style and Janet and Cathy are also quite amazing. Love the colors in your project. Sophisticated and soft.