Monday, October 4, 2010

hello birdie - Part 2

You can see the decorative blanket stitch around the feathers, as well as the outline quilting (1/4 inch between lines) on the body of the bird.

This is the backing.  Just pink and yellow charm squares pieced together.

The quilting on the back actually doesn't look too bad.

And remember my little error... well, I think with the quilting, it looks even less obvious.  I'm happy with it.


Jackie said...

I really like it! The stitching and the thread color that you chose are just perfect!

Kathleen said...

Oh Sarah! This is absolutely beautiful! I absolutely love the outline quilting - amazing effect.

Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

GORGEOUS!!!! Lovely stitching! you amaze and inspire me!

jo said...

it's gorgeous, sar! i love it!!