Saturday, October 16, 2010

hello birdie FINISH!!!!

A finish!  Nothing like it.  Except, of course, starting something new, but lets not go there today!

hello birdie!

Some close ups of my hand quilting...

Some outline quilting:

A spiral pattern in the pink feather:

The back of the bird:

Binding attached by hand last night:

I thoroughly enjoyed this little project.  I really love doing things by hand and seem to be using the machine less and less these days.


Kathie said...

so what will you make next?

Kathleen said...

Amazing! Well done. I love how you've done a different hand-quilting pattern for each petal

jo said...

it's gorgeous, sar!! xx

Jackie said...

I totally love it!!

Darla said...

WOW! sarah, that looks so gorgeous! sucha sweet, beautiful birdie! i love what you are doing by hand as well. just lovely. my fav bit is all the individual flowers on the wing. lovely xox

Anonymous said...

I just love your Hello Birdie!!! Also love the perle cotton for quilting!