Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Farley's Quilt Finished... Just in the nick of time (again!)

I am very happy with this quilt!

I am so so so so happy that it is now complete!

Sorry the pictures are crap...

But I had to take them inside because it's 8.30 at night, and I'm getting on a plane to Melbourne tomorrow morning, and this is the last chance I will have to take photos of this quilt before I give it to Farley.

The back...

...is navy and as you can see, the quilt has been professionally quilted.  I guess I could have done it myself, with straight line quilting, but there were a few reasons why I didn't:
1.  I didn't want to (I'd had enough)
2.  I had put so much work into the piecing and I wanted the finished result to be as good as possible
3.  That's it really

What do you think?

It cost a fair bit, but I think it was worth it.  Barb Cowan did it (http://www.thequiltconnection.com.au/) and I think she did a fantastic job.  Thanks Barb!


Melissa said...

OMG!!! It is absolutely STUNNING!!! I'm speechless!

Great idea to get it professionally quilted. Can't believe you had time to get it done! It looks great.

I hope Farley LOVES it! You did an AMAZING job.

Kathleen said...

Absolutely amazing Sarah!! Looks incredible